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Welcome to Chenjie Wang's Personal Webpage!

Contact Information


Master Student in Mechanical Engineering


Manufacturing Research Center (MaRC), Room 264                          
Georgia Institute of Technology
813 Ferst Drive, NW
Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: (404) 759-8977

Fax:      (404) 894-9342







Research Interests

After graduating from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China, I joined the SRL in Fall 2007.  Dr. Allen is my advisor.

My Master's thesis is about robust design in the multiscale environment.

Traditional methods in engineering design involve producing solutions at a single scale.  However, as engineering design problems become increasingly complex and more projects are taken by collaborative teams, various scales must be considered in order to design products with predictably more efficiency. Such design environment is called a multiscale environment. As a design problem is divided into multiple scales which may be done by different teams, the designers must consider the connecting between the sub-system models and the uncertainty caused through the model chain.

Currently, many robust design methods belong to the all-in-one approach that considers multiscale system as a single unit. This sort of methods may break down when important decisions should be made as part of I/O structure in connecting models. Moreover, the all-in-one approach requires a costly computational framework to integrate subsystems and the uncertainty within the subsystems must be propagated. The final output performance system may be negatively affected by these propagated uncertainties. Therefore, multiscale environment requires a multiscale design method to support the decisions made in the connections of the subsystems and reduce the influences of the uncertainties in the model chain.

Therefore, the main uncertainties in multiscale environment are the uncertainty within a single model and within the connection between two models. New method should be able to reduce both types of uncertainties in the model chain. The Inductive Design Exploration Method (IDEM) is an existing design tool used to produce robust multiscale design solutions. In this thesis, value will be added to IDEM by extending its usefulness to support the multiscale design environment more accurately and efficiently with lower computational cost.




  • Chenjie Wang; Krishnamurthy, V.; Klein, B.; Yoder, P.D.; Allen, J.K. 2008, “Robust Design of Nonlinearly Tapered Waveguide and Photodetector,” IEEE/ Systems and Information Engineering Design Symposium 2008, Charlottesville, VA. Paper No. 4559697

  • Vivek Krishnamurthy; Klein, B.; Messer,M; Wang, C; Allen J.K, 2008, “Robust Design of Non-linearly Tapered Slow Light Couplers”, Journal of Applied Physics, accepted.

Class Reports

  • Please follow this link to view my course submissions throughout my studies at Georgia Tech



  • ASME/NSF Best Student Design Essay Award: “Customer Centered and Open Product Development for the Year 2030” for travel to and presentation at the ASME Design Technical Conferences, 2008, New York City, NY.


Other Information

My Resume (updated to Nov 2008)

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