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ME 4171 - Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacture

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Inclusion of environmental considerations in engineering design; reduction of environmental impact by design; recycling; material selection; demanufacturing and remanufacturing; life-cycle considerations and trade-offs.

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Lecture Material

The following notes are all made in Microsoft Office PowerPoint format except where otherwise noted. Please note that any copying, distribution, and reproduction without the consent of the instructor (Dr. Bert Bras) at Georgia Tech is prohibited.

Homework and assignments

All are in pdf format at this time,which requires an Adobe Acrobat reader or equivalent. MS Word versions are available upon request.

Reading Material

Some papers are in pdf format, which requires an Adobe Acrobat reader or equivalent, others are in MS Word format at this time. Please note that some may be subject to copyright laws. Unlawful distribution is prohibited.

Other Class Material

Past Exams

All are in MS Word format.

Past projects

    1. Automation of Scrap Tire Processing into Perma-Mulch - Waste Tire Management
    2. Use of Recycled Glass in Sheet Molding Compound Manufacture - Premix, Inc.
    3. Evaluation of Chromium Plating Processes for Aircraft Components - SAIC
    4. Automation of Disassembly Processes - AT&T, Motorola, Ford
    5. Economic Assessment of an Automobile Door Remanufacturing Process - Chrysler
    6. Instrument Panel Redesign - Chrysler
    7. Sunvisor and/or Remote Door Mirror Redesign for Recyclability - Chrysler, American Plastic Council
    1. Reduction of Automobile Tire Waste-Chrysler Corporation
    2. Styrene Collection and Removal-Premix
    3. Waste Water Recycling-Texas Instruments
    4. Design of Environmentally Benign Packaging Material-General Motors
    5. Design of a Modular Environmentally Benign Car
    6. Design of Modular Environmentally Benign Housing
    7. Compatibility of Plastics in (Automotive) Design-Chrysler
    8. Automotive Solutions Competition-(GM, Ford, Chrysler)
    9. Padnos Design Competition for Environmentally Conscious Design

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