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Habitat for Humanity, July 23, 2005

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File NamePhotoDescription (optional)
Group Photo 1 A picture of our group (sans Matt who had to leave early) after a day of house building.
Group Photo 2 Another group photo. Nate is sitting and the girls are working out in this one.
Front of the House Here's the front of the house after we worked on it. Yep, we built that roof!
Side of House Side view of the house after we installed some siding. Oh, right...and after we put the roof on! We installed some siding because we got done with the roof early.
Lauren Rich and Chris Lauren, Rich and Chris install some siding.
Other Side of House Some people working on the other side of the house.
Rich Being a Foreman Rich pretending to be a foreman while Nate, Jay, Lauren and others install some siding.
Rich and Nate Rich and Nate take a moment between tasks to smile for Donna.
Gang Installing Siding The gang installs some siding after finshing the roof early.
Morning Saftey Instructions Everyone listens to the morning saftey instructions. In the background, you can see the house as it was before we started: no roof, no siding. Just the floor and walls.
Inside of the House in the Morning A picture of the inside of the house before we did any work.
Lauren being a "Pusher" Lauren working on her first task of the day: to push trusses into location using a big stick.
"Pushy" SRLers Lauren, Chris and Matt work to push trusses along the length of the house.
More Pushing Chris and Lauren get ready to push another truss.
Fuzzy Lifters Rich, Donna, Scott (mostly hidden in the picture) and Nate were feeling a little fuzzy first thing in the morning. I believe they became more focused as the day went they are taking a break just before they lift another truss to the top of the house.
Jay Takes a Break Jay poses for the camera as Rich places another truss to be lifted onto the roof.
Donna and Scott Carry A Truss Donna and Scott carry a truss around the house. They had the least fun of the early morning tasks. The rest of us got sticks or ladders to play with. ;)
Donna and Scott Are Still Carrying A Truss Donna and Scott continue around the back of the house with truss in hand.
Matt, Chris and Lauren Matt, Chris and Lauren take a break from pushing trusses.
Laruen Hangs from the Rafters After the trusses were in place, we got to climb up on them to finish the roof. Here's Lauren looking for someone to drop her hammer on. Rich is lurking in the background.
Scott on the Roof (and Donna on Her Way) Scott thinks to himself, "walking on the trusses is much more fun than carying them." Donna (mostly hidden in the picture) is in the process of climbing up.
Jay on the Roof Jay thinks to himself, "Gee, everything looks so small from up here!"
Rich Takes a Stroll Rich practices navigating the wobbly trusses.
Matt Says "Hello Down There" Don't worry, Matt didn't loose a fight with a power saw -- his shorts were ripped already when he got to the house in the morning.
Chris Installing Plywood on the Roof Chris takes a break from hammering to smile for the camera.
Lauren and Jay Lauren shows off while Jay lies down for a nap.
Nate Looks on as the Roof Comes Together Nathan Rolander: Roofer by day, graduate student by night.
Scott and Chris Enjoy a Cold Beverage It got very hot on the roof. Very, very hot. Opportunities to rest and replenish our fluid levels were quite welcome!

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